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The Lord provided the name Holy Compassion Ministries, it has been about 8 years that I have had the true understanding and motivation of how to be used in Gods living word. During this time God has revealed me as his prophet to become a part of Living Faith Cathedral under Bishop Gary F. Hagler. I was also part of Present Truth Ministries School of the Holy Spirit in 2007 under Barbara Jackson, Founder & President. Approximately in 2007, I became Assistant Pastor at Living Faith Cathedral and a full-time prophetic evangelist.

It was throughout this time frame the Lord revealed to me how I would be used as a Prophet of God, to hear his voice by the Holy Spirit and where I was to go and preach the gospel. 

Under the Lords guidance and voice, word of the living Bible, and Bishop Hagler to help mentor and give me Gods leadership in my ministry Holy Compassion Ministries.I was brought forward to bring the body of Christ closer to what God has for his people and churches.


Eventually, the Lord began to show me a greater need within the body of Christ and the church these last eight years. Through prophetic evangelism, I have come to preach the gospel to Gods people who are in need of Gods glorious words to bring the saints of God out of bondage and the darkness that was crowding out the light of his spirit in his people, who were no longer recognizing, they were following the world.


In 2012 I met and married Norma Linda Gardea. Together we travel to several states. We have fellowship with several churches in the San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley in Texas and Twin Falls and Mountain Home, Idaho and the many churches in Arizona. We have a total of 9 children and 10 grandchildren.

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